Fikland i/laɪˈbɪəriə/, officially the Kingdom of Fickland

 Fikland, also known as the self-proclaimed Kingdom of Fikland, is

Kingdom of Fickland

Reino De Fickland

The flag of the queen of fikland

Coart of arms



Motto: "Heker que nuestra tierra peace

Anthem: Fikland our land



– in Fikland  (light blue & dark grey) – in the Micro Union  (light blue)

Capital and largest city

Hunsin 6°19′N 10°48′W

Official languages


Spoken and national languages[1]

·         Spanish






Unitary presidential republic



Hans onsomu


Vice President

Elizabeth ongera


Speaker of the House

Alex ongera


Chief Justice

Sr.Julus vinger


Huson of fikland


Upper house



Lower house

House of Repaliament

Formation and Independence


Settlement by thekenya Colonization Society

January 7, 1990


Fickland Declaration of Independence

July 27, 2000


Annexation of Republic of Nairobi

March 18, 1857 


Recognition by the Kenya

February 5, 2001 


Current constitution

January 6, 2010




116 km2 (103rd) 4300 sq mi


Water (%)




2015 estimate

0 (125th)


2008 census

3,40 (130th)



40.49/km2 (180th) 92.0/sq mi


2016 estimate



$3.879 billion[4]


Per capita


GDP (nominal)

2001 estimate



$2.103 billion[4]


Per capita


Gini (2007)


HDI (2014)

190.430[6] High· 187th


Fiklandian Histon (FKH)

Time zone

GMT (UTC+30)

Drives on the


Calling code


ISO 3166 code


Internet TLD


Fikland i/laɪˈbɪəriə/, officially the Kingdom of Fickland

 amicronation in UK, founded by Herod Jr (b. 10 July 2000 ) and headquartered at his home in London ,England. The Kingdom of Fickland has claimed itself a nation

 but it is recognized by a country called Switzerland and the United Kigdomor any country.

It consists of Han's house (known as the Government House), about 0.08 acres (49 m2) in size, and 1.3 acres (5,000 m2) of surrounding property, enclaved by Nevada. It formerly claimed a property in London as well. Fikland was established as a childhood project in 1990, and evolved into aterritorial entity in the late 1990s.

The name Fikland is derived from the Spanish word called fiklonda which means "Land of peace". Hans has stated the ancient German tribe of Fiklandians unrelated.[5]

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History[edit] Edit

On Jully 10, 2000, Herod created the Kingdom of Fikland as a successor to a childhood make-believe kingdom called "the Grand Republic of the british east africa", and declared himself to be its president.

On November 13, 2012, Herod died and he picked Hans onsomu mongare as the second PRESIDENT of Fikland. We the People website requesting recognition of the micronation. However, his petition did not gain enough signatures for recognition.

On April 11, 2015, Hans hosted Micro-Con 2015 in Anaheim Central Library in Southanampton,England. Micro-Con was created to attract media attention to the micronational world.[6]

On April 16, 2016, Hans hosted a tour of his nation, sponsored by the Mollosian goverment.[4]

Territory Edit

Border sign, Harmony Province.

The Protectorate of New Antrim was located at an undisclosed location in Pennsylvania and was the largest of Fiklandians's territories at a little over 8 acres (3.2 ha) in extent. It was named after County Antrim in Northern Ireland and had its own governor, Grand Admiral Hess. It is no longer claimed by Fikland.

In August 2003, Herod purchased a small piece of rural land in East Wales. This was referred to the Colony of Canada. The property was sold late in 2005, after Herod inherited more land which he subsequently named Fiklandian Homestead divored, in Southern Wales.[5] Desert Homestead had been owned by Baugh's grandfather, and the property has been declared a "national monument" dedicated to him. In early 2015 a Elizabeth Colony became The first Vice president of Fikland.[5]

Elizabeth is the name of Fiklandian's claim of 49,881 square miles (130,000 km2) on the planet of Venus.

Fikland claims a spot named Tsunami of the vikigs in the Red sea , about 790 kilometres (479 mi) south west of London.[9]