Camurian Royal Family
Royal Arms.jpg
Royal Crest of Camuria
King of Camuria
Reign 27 December, 1993 - 2 July, 2007
Coronation 28 December, 1993
Predecessor King Frederick
Successor King Ian II
Title Period 2 July, 2007 - Incumbent
Assumed 2 July, 2007
Predecessor Title Established
Successor N/A
Father King Frederick
Mother Queen-Consort Edith
Born 22 January
Liverpool, UK
Occupation Politician
Religion Christian

His Royal Highness King Ian of Camuria 27 December 1993 - 2 July 2007

His Royal Highness the King-Father Sir Ian of Camuria 2 July 2007 - Incumbent

Early LifeEdit

King Ian I was born on 22 January 1958, to the title, Crown Prince Ian. The early years of his life went mostly unrecorded, but in 1978 he joined the Royal Camurian Army and became second in command of the entire Army.

Career in the Royal Camurian ArmyEdit

He worked alongside his younger brother Prince Royal Ronald to reform the Armed Forces and in 1981 they passed a joint bill called the Miliarty Charter to the King. King Frederick, after much deliberation enactted the Charter on 2 May 1981 and purchased the H.M.S King Frederick and the H.M.S Astounding. For the Army a new platoon of ten men was created and all the places had been filled by the end of the month. Crown prince Ian also pushed for the Army to become better equipped and more advanced. After marrying Sharon Nilsson in 1988 and becoming a father in 1990, he became less involved in pushing for advancement and he retired from the Royal Camurian Army in 1992 after being one of the longest serving military officers in Camurian history.

As MonarchEdit

He became King of Camuria on 27 December 1993 after the death of King Frederick. He was crowned King on 19 January 1994, with the presence of the enitre Royal Family and Peerage. He is known as the most Democratic monarch in Camurian History, as he created Parliament, what is know the Upper House, to help Camuria develop as a more modern, democratic micronation. During his reign Crown Prince Ian was born and he was announced the heir-apparent to the throne. He abdicated the throne in 2007 by his own choice, and was succeesded by his son as King Ian II. He now holds the title of King-Father and still hold much power in Camuria.