His Majesty Ian the Second
Royal Arms.jpg
Royal Crest of Camuria
King of Camuria
Reign 2 July, 2007 - Incumbent
Coronation 2 July, 2007
Predecessor King Ian I
Heir Apparent Crown Princess Robyn
King of Althacia
Reign 5 May, 2009 - Incumbent
Coronation 5 May, 2009
Predecessor King Daniel
Heir Apparent Crown Princess Robyn
Emperor of Misthasia
Reign 16 March, 2008 - Incumbent
Coronation 17 Mach, 2008
Predecessor Throne Established
Heir Apparent Crown Princess Robyn
Emperor of Anzacia and Polskania
Reign 2008 - Incumbent
Coronation 2008
Predecessor Throne Established
Heir Apparent Crown Princess Robyn
Father King Ian I
Mother Queen-Consort Sharon
Born Liverpool, UK
Occupation Politician
Religion Roman Catholic

His Majesty Ian the Second, by the Grace of God, King of Camuria and Althacia, Emperor of Misthasia, Anzacia and Polskania, Baron of Duboyn, Lord of the Peers, Earl of the Realm and member of the Imperial Order of Reyla, Sovereign of the Most Honourable Order of the Rose

Early LifeEdit

King Ian II was born to Queen Consort Sharon and King Ian I. He was given the title Crown Prince, and was heir-apparent to the Camurian Throne, he was never in the public eye but was always seen at family and royal events. The Crown Prince was plunged into the world of politics after his fathers unexpected abdication in 2007, making him King Ian II.

As MonarchEdit

King Ian II is the third monarch of the Kingdom of Camuria, he inherited the throne after his fathers abdication in 2007. King Ian II was crowned King of Camuria on the 2 July 2007. He expanded the Camurian Empire by more than three times its original size, with territory as far as Northern Germany and the Isles of Scilly. This large expansion begun the great boom when Camuria's wealth and influence rapidly rose and helped Camuria be concidered by some as one of the most powerful micronations. On the 5 July 2009 he was made King of Althacia, uniting both states and is yet to be crowned King.

The King helped expand and re-equip the Armed Forces, also completly reorganizing them into a more effective Military Machine. The Great Military Charter ordered the growth of the Royal Camurian Army and the Royal Camurian Navy and to reorginise it. After the King personally enacted the Bill, without concent of Parliament it was put into force and is one of the most famous Parliamentry Bills in Camurian history. On 29 March 2009, King Ian II was gifted the title Earl of the Realm and a member of the Imperial Order of Reyla. The title was gifted to the King by Emperor Taeglan I Nihilus of the Reylan Imperial Triumvirate for services to micronationalism.