The Microfederation of Pikaton was founded in Waco, Texas, USA, on February 13th, 2015 by Noobly Walker. Starting at an area of around 1 acre, it has since obtained 4 more from a neighbor. On September 14, 2015, Pikaton allied with Pikaton HD (now known as Langton), thus creating the Pika Alliance. A month or two afterwards, Oregonzonia joined the alliance, although no record on when this occurred exists. Oregonzonia has since disbanded. On April 18th, 2016, a third microcountry, The Digletton Empire, was founded in Bucharest, Romania, and immediately allied with Pikaton.

On September 15th, 2016, Pikaton declared war on Asgardia. However, as Asgardia's population is now well over 500K, as well as the facts that they have no defined territory on Earth, are completely neutral, and could easily afford to fund an army that could flatten the entire PikaAlliance, the declaration was redacted.


Several laws have passed over Pikaton's history.

0001 Animal ProtectionEdit

This four-part law protects certain local species from extermination or deportation, according to a ranking system:


1 - Citizens are asked to refrain from damaging or poisoning communities of a specified animal, but are allowed to deport them.

2 - Citizens are asked to avoid attacking a specified animal unless they are already aggressive, deportation is allowed.

3 - Citizens are not allowed to attack a specified animal PERIOD, deportation is allowed.

4 - Citizens are not allowed to attack or threaten a specified animal, deportation is to be determined by government officials.

5 - Specified animal is not to be attacked or deported unless said animal is in need of medical help, or if said animal is a threat to citizens' health and safety.

What species are protectedEdit

Cats (5), Registered dogs (5), Frogs (1), Lizards (1), Praying Mantises (5)

0002 Time ZonesEdit

With this law, 3 new time zones are created. All three are supposed to ignore Daylight Savings Time, but only one actually does.

Time ZonesEdit

Pikaton - Pika Central Time (PiCT) GMT-5 (winter), GMT-6 (summer)

Pikaton HD - Pika Eastern Standard Time (PiEST) PiCT+/-0, Pika Eastern Daylight Time (PiEDT) PiCT+1

Oregonzonia - Pika Pacific Standard Time (PiPST) PiCT -2, Pika Pacific Daylight Time (PiPDT) PiCT-1

As of right now, Digletton uses the time zone (UTC) +2

0003 CurrencyEdit

This law dictates that the Pikatonian currency should be Bitcoin, but no Bitcoin has yet been mined.

(Temp-law) 0004 Pikatonian LanguageEdit

This law was signed as temp-law on September 14th, 2015. This law regards Pikaton's alphabet, and some phoneics.


I, U, and Y are replaced with their cryllic counterparts.

"ts" and "sh" are replaced with their cryllic counterparts.

"nya", "nj/ng", "th", "ch", and "ae" are replaced with their latin counterparts.

"qu" is written as "q"

C is replaced with K (if C is hard) or S (if C is soft)


"No" translates to "Na" (literally "negative answer")

"Yes" translates to "Pa" (literally "positive answer")

Here's a sentence translated from English to Pikatonian:

English: The quick, brown fox jumps over the lazy, sleeping dog.

Pиkatonиan: þe qиk, brown fox jymps over þe lazы, sleepиŋ dog.*

*The Pikatonian language is in the midst of reconstruction, and as such, in a month, this may no longer be an accurate translation.

0005 Pika AllianceEdit

This document was signed by Noobly of Pikaton, Bomboy of Pikaton HD, Bradley of Oregonzonia, and Ender of Digletton.

If this page was formatted properly, the Pika Alliance flag will be shown here.

0006 National/Alliance Holidays*Edit

February 13th is Pikaton Day, as the Microfederation of Pikaton was founded on that day in 2015

April 18th is Digletton Day, as the Digletton Empire was founded on that day in 2016

July 11th is PikaHD Day as Pikaton HD was founded on that day in 2015

September 14th is Pikalliance (Pika Alliance) Day, as the Pika Alliance was founded on that day in 2015

*I have no idea when Oregonzonia was founded...

Area Edit

The Microfederation of Pikaton has an estimated land area of 2,680 suqare yards (2,150 square meters)

Population Edit

The population of the Microfederation of Pikaton is 2 humans and a dog.