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Welcome to the Micronations Database, which was made by its creator, the wikis only moderator. This database of micronations, microcountries, new country projects or model countries is available for everybody to edit and is to help promote diplomatic negotiations between micronations. The database has useful information, free for everybody to access and learn more about micronationalism. To write a new article, just enter the requested title in the box below.

List of Micronations

  • Scam Micronations
    • New Utopia
    • Enenkio Atoll
    • Dominion of Melchizedek
    • Duchy of Bohemia (Possibly)

Featured Article

Flag of qootärlænt

Qootärlænt is a micronation founded by Leendert Reek and Lorenzo Bianchini in the summer of 2008. n the beginning of 2008 Leendert Reek created a language which was called Qootärfloams, while this was still under development the met Lorenzo at the internet, Lorenzo thought Qootärfloams to be interesting and said that it should have a nation, and he called it Qootärlænt...

About the Wiki

The Micronations Wiki was set up as a database of micronations, due to older ones being filled with out of date information. This wiki is a fresh, updated wiki that strives to keep it orderly and organized for the micronationalists out their who wish to use it as a platform for diplomatic relations between new states.

Advise for Editing

  • When creating an article about your micronation, please use the Standard template;
  • Upload the symbols of your micronation in the .png format. Avoid using .jpg or .gif images because of low quality;
  • Always categorise your articles in the appropriate category so it is easier for people to view your works;

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